Greetings fellow Campers!

More Broke Mill History

We are Stacy and Kim Turner, the proud new owners of Broke Mill RV Park!

We have been married for almost 38 years and raised three wonderful children who now have families of their own. They have also blessed us with 4 beautiful grandchildren. We never really understood that we had lived all of our lives to eventually become PawPaw and KayKay! All who have grandchildren will definitely understand what we mean.

Stacy spent 40 years in the oil industry and recently retired after 34 years in the oilfield service business. Kim spent most of her time as a homemaker and was a very attentive wife and mother to our 3 children. She also spent several years in the insurance business.

We have always enjoyed fishing, camping, and the outdoors. Our dream for our retirement was to purchase an RV and go travel this great country of ours. In 2016 we sold our home and nearly everything in it and took the leap into full-time RV life. After living on the road for a while and exploring some beautiful places, we developed an understanding and an appreciation for living life on the road. We discovered that we had a genuine desire to own our own RV park. Little did we know, that this desire would lead us back to a place where we already have many memories.

Throughout the years we have enjoyed many fishing trips to Lake Amistad and Broke Mill. We have gotten to know Mike quite well and began telling him about our interest in owning an RV Park. Mike asked me one morning over a cup of coffee if I might be interested in helping around the Broke Mill and suggested that this would give us a real feel for owning our own park. Our internship lasted about 6 months, and by then we knew that we wanted to purchase one of our own.

A few months later, over another cup of coffee, Mike asked me if I would be interested in owning the Broke Mill. Of course, we were thrilled at the prospect. Mike's attention to detail shows in every aspect of the park and the thought of owning it was very exciting for us. We shook hands, and over the next few months, we began the transition from full-time RVers to park owners.

It has been a true honor to be able to work with Mike and Lynn, and we could not be happier about the opportunity to continue their legacy and further cultivate the “brand they have built over the last 12 years. The story of Mike McCarson and Broke Mill RV Park will always be one of legend, and we will ensure that the park continues down the same path of success. His friendly smile and handshake, attention to detail, and pure passion for getting to know and help people is something we will not forget. We will strive to deliver the same Broke Mill service quality and values that you have come to know and count on. We wish Mike and Lynn the very best as they begin the next chapter of their lives. They will remain here with us through May '19 while they build their new cabin at the ranch. I know you will all be happy to know that Mike and the “Broke Mill Players will still be lending their talents to our Thursday night dinners through the fall and spring of next year. They always provide a great time!

Thanks again Mike for all you have done for the Turner's! We are much obliged for your hospitality and all the time you have spent on our behalf. To all our camping friends and future friends, we welcome you to our new home here at Broke Mill.

Please come see us! Stacy & Kim Turner

Broke Mill RV Park